About Valerie

Author, educator, entrepreneur, and coach, Valerie Bates is passionate about helping people become confident in their ability to take control of their health, finances and lifestyle. She is highly experienced in helping individuals, teams, and organizations develop their potential. Her lifestyle demonstrates what love of adventure, learning, focus, and perseverance can yield regardless of background and circumstances.

Valerie first became enamored with business after spending several years as a teacher in remote villages in northern Canada. She weathered the culture shock of changing careers from teacher to businesswoman when she accepted a position as a search consultant and traded a rugged environment and the safety net of a monthly salary for life in the city while taking risks as an entrepreneur. In recruiting qualified candidates and guaranteeing their ability to satisfactorily fulfill corporate positions, Valerie enjoyed the excitement and challenge of a dramatic shift in lifestyle, skills, and perspectives. Today, many aspiring entrepreneurs who enter network marketing experience similar challenges.

Following five years of searching for corporate talent, Valerie became a stay-at-home mom and shifted her business focus to network marketing when friends introduced her to a health and wellness company. That business allowed her to care for her children at home while expanding her organization. In a short time she made new lifelong friends and became convinced that network marketing is the perfect vehicle for improving lifestyle with minimal financial risk.

Her family benefited in many ways from her example and today she is delighted to partner with her daughter Christine who also enjoys building a home-based networking business while caring for her young family.

Education has always been a passion for Valerie, so when her youngest child was school age she sold her business, returned to education, and managed cooperative education programs for universities and colleges. Her major skill was coaching and preparing hundreds of senior students for the practical side of their careers while ensuring that academic programs and corporations worked together synergistically. Simultaneously Valerie established a marketing program to increase the number of women in non-traditional professions.

Soon she was recruited by The Open Learning Agency to establish a business called Workplace Training Systems that would initiate and lead large training initiatives for major corporations using advanced technologies to deliver quality training in the workplace.

That experience ultimately led to establishing a Management Consulting practice a few years later. She became certified and highly experienced in Process Facilitation, Strategic Planning, Conflict Resolution and Leadership Development and subsequently consulted for numerous organizations throughout North America and one in England. Clients included financial institutions, universities, leadership centers, associations, technology corporations, women’s centers, cities, and provincial government agencies.

Working with teams of highly skilled professionals, Valerie designed, developed, and delivered training programs, tools, and resources in each of her expertise areas. Ultimately they produced a unique leadership and change program to help hundreds of executives drive major change initiatives impacting thousands of people.

Twelve years ago, after years of 70-hour weeks and extensive travel, Valerie retired her management consulting company and re-entered network marketing bringing with her a wealth of experience in business, teaching, leadership development, and coaching. Since then Valerie served for nearly a decade as Master Distributor for a network marketing company, wrote several books, and along with her husband Mark Yarnell recently joined a phenomenal new networking venture.

Valerie and Mark live in the beautiful mountains of British Columbia Canada where they enjoy a wonderful lifestyle surrounded by family and friends. Valerie continues to pursue her passion for helping others excel in business and life.