Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for visiting my website. If you have a question that is not answered below, please go to the Contact tab, enter your information, send your question, and I will personally respond via email.

Do you coach people who are not in your business?

Everyone is welcome to receive a weekly network marketing business tip, read my blogs and books, or watch the short video clips on how to build a business. However, private coaching is reserved for those who are part of our growing international team.

Is there a charge to people on your team for private coaching?

No, it’s part of the benefit for joining our team. As well I provide regular training, support and validation calls for team members’ candidates who are conducting their due diligence on the company. That’s one of the most rewarding aspects of the business – helping others develop as independent business owners.

With your background and experience why did you select Qivana as your network marketing company?

I would like to speak with you personally because a conversation is so much better than a short written response to this important question.

Please fill out the Team Contact Form on the bottom of the home page so that we can discuss this and I can provide you with some websites and links to check it out further.

By the way, the short answer is, “As authors, educators and entrepreneurs we chose Qivana because it meets or exceeds every criteria necessary for long-term wealth creation.”

Since you’re married to Mark Yarnell who is well known as a leader in the profession, will I be part of Mark’s team too when I join your team?

Yes, Mark and I are building one team together so you will also be on Mark’s team and receive coaching, training and support from both of us.

Can anyone join your team?

I love to work with people who have a good work ethic, an interest in learning, time to build a business either part time or full time, and a positive attitude. I’m building a team of women leaders – people who are keen to achieve their dreams and are willing to pay the price to do so. This is a fun, but serious business and requires serious consideration.

In your opinion what is one of the biggest challenges that women in network marketing face?

Women are natural networkers so the skills come quite naturally to us, but many are challenged by a lack of time based on trying to be all things to all people all the time.

Many add their new business onto the side of their plate without clearing anything off the plate first. The question always is what to stop doing.

To help you decide, apply the “Law of the Broom” and sweep away anything that is not necessary and is detracting you from your business. Begin by deciding what is critical and ask yourself the following questions. Write down your answers.

  1. Here’s what I do want my life to look like!
  2. Here’s what I don’t want my life to look like!
  • In order to achieve my ideal life, what will I make my top priorities?
  • What will I give up, delegate, or change in order to make room for my business?
  • Now allocate time each day on your schedule to work your business for a specific, focused amount of time.
  • And find yourself a mentor and coach who can help you grow and improve your skills and confidence, one step at a time. Practice is the key!